1. Patchwork Hexie Flowers

When I was younger I tried learning how to do patchwork with instructions from a book………. I gave up, everything had to be so precise, for each piece of fabric you needed two templates, the second one being exactly 1/4″ bigger than the main one. Every stitch needed to be regular, the back needed to be as neat as the front…………….not me at all, I needed to be able to get on with it. When you are hand stitching patchwork you don’t really need to be that exact, it doesn’t matter how much fabric is at the back.  After all no-one is going to see it once the backing is on. My little 1/2″ paper pieced hexies are so quick to make up, not frustratingly precise on the back, and fit perfectly together. Here’s how I do them:

Print and cut out  your 1/2″ paper template hexies. This ladies website is brilliant for explaining how to do your paper templates http://www.getasquiltingstudio.com/2013/01/tips-for-cutting-hexagon-templates.html

4″ fabric squares, I buy them in mixed packs

Cut each square of fabric into 9 little squares, as shown, you don’t need to be accurate, as long as when you place a paper template onto a square you have a border of fabric large enough to fold over on all sides.

Thread your needle with ordinary cotton, and tie a knot. (It doesn’t matter what colour cotton you use as this will be taken out later).

Holding your template, on the back side of the fabric fold over one side of fabric press down  with your fingers and make one tacking stitch through the fabric and paper template.

Fold over  the next side and stitch over the fold on the corner, making sure you are folding over your template, you will be able to feel your paper through the fabric, don’t fold the template. When you have done this a few times it will become easy. Keep doing the same with all sides and finish with two tacking stitches, do not knot the end.












First little hexie ready. Now do as many as you want. For each of my little flowers you will need one white hexie for the centre and six outer ones for the petals.








When you have your seven little hexies you can make your first flower. With the white hexie in the centre join the ‘petals’ around it by putting the two right sides together and using little ‘whipping’ stitches, catching a few strands of fabric on each hexie. (This ladies website has brilliant instructions http://www.jessiefincham.com/2014/07/english-paper-piecing-basics-week-2_29.html )

I have made loads of little coloured and white hexies and threaded them in sets on to a long strand of cotton, so they are all ready to be stitched into flowers. Sometimes I sit and put the flowers together, or I make more little hexies, depending on how much time I have or how I feel!!

Part 2:  We will applique the flower onto our first 2″, white hexie.






Tina’s Scrappy Vintage Hexie Quilt Tutorial







I have never been any good at matching fabrics, colours etc, and have become quite despondent at the beautiful quilts other people can create. I also don’t have the kind of money to buy meters of beautiful matching fabrics. My idea includes thrift shop sheets, packs of mixed fabric squares, polyester wadding, and stranded embroidery threads to make a scrappy vintage quilt.

I hope you enjoy all the different stages of my tutorial for Tina’s Scrappy Vintage Hexie Quilt :


I found the easiest way of getting different colours and patterns of fabric was to buy packs of 4″ fabric squares. I can get 9 little hexies out of each square of fabric, so out of 25 fabric squares I can achieve 225 hexies!!!!! It doesn’t matter how thin the fabric is as you will appliqué it to the base fabric. The base fabric is white cotton sheeting. I buy white cotton sheets at the second hand shop for around £3.50 for a double sheet.

Wadding: I always use 2oz polyester wadding.

Things you will need:


You will need 3 different sized templates, a small one for the patchwork flowers, a middle sized one for the inner of the Quilt As You Go Hexie, and a large one for the finishing. There are lots of sites out there that show you how to make your own templates. For the small 1/2″ I use Word on the computer, copy and paste as many as I can on one sheet of paper and print them out. Alot easier than trying to draw them.

Template for 1/2″ hexie patchwork: For the patchwork flowers you will need lots of 1/2″, printer paper thickness, hexagons

Template for centre hexie: You will only need one 2″ hexagon, print out or draw this hexie and glue or double sided tape it to a piece of thick cardboard, making a hole through the centre.

Template for outer hexie: You only need one 3″ hexie, print or draw it and glue or double sided tape it to some cardboard.


 Embroidery thread: I found 100 mixed colours of stranded embroidery threads for under £5 plus free p+p on the Internet. These threads will last me for ages as I am only using 2 strands out of 6 and only 3 different colours for each hexie. And there always seems to be a colour that will match my little hexie flowers.

Yarn for the crochet edging: I love the Internet for bargains, and found that I could buy a large 500gm cone of 4ply cotton yarn for under £15 including p+p which will probably last for at least 1/2 a kings size quilt if not more.


Embroidery Hoop: I do recommend having an embroidery hoop as part of your equipment, I have a small 5″ hoop, just big enough for the 3″ hexie shape.

Crochet hook: I use a 1.75 mm so that the crochet is small, but not too tight.


One ordinary sharp sewing needle for tacking, patchwork, applique and quilting

One for the embroidery, you will need to be able to get 2 strands of embroidery thread through the eye.

One needle for the outside prep for the crochet, this will need to have an eye large enough to take 4ply wool but sharp enough to go through the fabric.

Fabric Pen or Sharp Pencil: To draw your embroidery lines.

Next time we will begin the process, I will show you how I do my little Easy Paper Pieced Hexies.