21 weeks old

Time flies when you’re having fun……..Stalker has discovered the kitchen sink and loves to play with the water dripping from the tap


Or anything else that is on the draining board, he has become quite a little thief, especially when food is about. He is always on the go, but occasionally he does get tired


This is a yawn!

When he does get tired and ready for a catnap he requires his ‘sooky’ !!!!!! Just like a little human he has his little blanket that he has to suck and paddy paw as he goes to sleep. Even at this age I can’t take it away from him. It was my dressing gown, I had to cut out the pocket for him so he was able to carry it around…………….


He starts on the floor


Then takes it to his favourite chair


And God forbid if you try to take it away from him!!!

I have never known a cat to sulk so much, but if he can’t find it or I have managed to get it away from him to wash that is what he does. And poor little Dillon pays.


Mind you, this is little Dillon, do you think he looks bothered? (I couldn’t find a photo of Dillon awake this week perhaps next or maybe not!) He can be too laid back for his own good sometimes.



20 Weeks Old

My two little boys, Stalker and Dillon are growing fast and becoming two little horrors!! Going up and down the stairs is more of a game now instead of an epic and dangerous journey.


And the first exciting playground for them was the bathroom and playing in the empty bath.









But just like kiddies they soon got bored with that and went for the next best thing……….the shower curtain!!!















I know we should have said ‘NO!’, but the curtain only cost £2 and they were so enjoying themselves. It was Stalker who instigated it and ‘layed back’ Dillon went along with it, although he let Stalker do all the ripping while he played with all the bits.

So where has the dicipline and training gone?




Dillon After their busy day!







How could you say ‘NO!’ to these two little angels?

Stalker is becoming very bossy, even with our old cat Huffy. Huffy has had his own quilt in the middle of the bed for the past ten years or so (during the day, we’re not that soft!) for his catnaps. Stalker has decided that he wants it so Huffy has been kicked off and now has to sleep on the corner of the bed.


Dillon (sitting on the edge) gets in where he can…

Dillon and Stalker celebrated their 4th birthday this April. This diary is using all of the photo’s and memories that we have collected over their lives with us, so Huffy is included although he is no longer with us. Huffy was a beautiful and unique cat in many ways. He was abandoned by his owners when they moved, he was only a few months old and lived on the streets near where we live. The local pub,  which we can see from our house, fed him, but the rest of the time he spent living on allotments and roaming around. So he was very street wise. The owner of the pub was moving away and asked if anyone would take Huffy on as he didn’t think that he would settle as a domestic cat. But he did, with us, we kept him indoors for a couple of weeks, which he wasn’t too happy about, but he soon came round to the luxury of having a warm bed, regular food and lots of cuddles, which he craved. He had such a loving nature, even though he reverted back to his streetwise self outside. He was a fantastic ratter, and nearly every day bought us a present of either a rat or a mouse from the allotments. One time even a little stoat! But he never went for birds.

We used to go regularly (once a week, we are not heavy drinkers!) to the pub and Huffy would walk with us and sit outside and wait for us to walk home. He was well known as a regular and spent many happy hours in the pub garden with other customers.

Regretably we had to have him put to sleep last November, after 12 years of cuddles, due to a growth on his mouth, the kids really missed him as we still do.


Our loving Huffy

Huffy was like a grand dad to the little ones and did give out his own dicipline (he knew we wouldn’t) with the occasional slap and the killer look!!!!!! But most times he put up with the chaos and nurtured them like we were trying to do! If Huffy hadn’t been around for their first 3 1/2  years we would have ended up with more trouble than we have now……………………..



My two little boys

In my 20’s I owned and ran a boarding cattery, I also worked for the RSPCA taking in their cats and kittens to be rehomed. Luckily then I lived in a village with an acre of grounds. Alot of the cats and kittens I could not rehome, not because anything was wrong with them, just because I couldn’t. So I ended up with 13 of my own. Due to lifes circumstances I had to give it all up and move into town. Since then, my partner and I have adopted older cats, but due to where we live 3 is more than enough.

Four years ago another one of our beloved cats had to be put to sleep, so we were left with one. I was so upset that I wasn’t sure that I could take on anymore. But the house seemed so quiet with just one. and he, Huffy, was lonely with no-one to lord over. So I gave in and we found a lady that had a litter of tabby kittens to home. We fell in love with all six of them, but I was only allowed two. We chose two little boys. They looked just like twins when we first got them, but now they have changed a little bit. We have so many photo’s of them I thought that I would start this little diary of their lives. Hopefully it will be for many more years to come.

Here is the letter I sent to the lady after we got them home,just to let her know that they were alright.

Hi Val

Thought it was about time we wrote to you and told you all about our two little monsters!!! They have grown so fast and given us so many laughs and worries…………..

As soon as we got them home we opened up the carrier and Huffy, our old cat, came to inspect. He wasn’t very amused and went straight to the back door to go out. When the little ones came out of the carrier the first thing one of them did was go underneath our gas fire (which thankfully wasn’t on) and we were terrified that he would end up in the chimney. Luckily he came straight out again and we spent most of the rest of the evening blocking up holes and spaces that they could get lost in. The kittens thought it was a great game.


Huffy inspection.



Within a couple of hours they had settled in, had something to eat, used the litter tray and fell asleep.


The first week went fine, got into a routine and no problems, they were little horrors and so full of mischief. So when, in the second week they came down with that ‘limping kitten’ syndrome, we were so worried that we were going to lose them, they just weren’t interested in anything and looked so pitiful when they were trying to walk. The visits to the vets didn’t seem to worry them at all but I don’t think they could figure out why they couldn’t run around like they had been. We still hadn’t named them so at the vets they were registered as kitten 1 and kitten 2!!


Kitten 1 feeling sorry for himself.

Kitten 1 feeling sorry for himself.


Kitten 2 finally gets to the top step. It took quite a while one step at a time.

Kitten 2 finally gets to the top step. It took quite a while one step at a time.

Huffy, tolerating his meal being interrupted.

Huffy, tolerating his meal being interrupted.

Play time, look how big the trainer is.

Play time, look how big the trainer is.

They soon got over the illness and thankfully back to being little devils! We decided on their names, Dillon and Stalker. Dillon is going to be the bigger one, and a real little boy with bandy front legs that make him look like a real little bruiser.

Stalker because right from little, he would stalk and pounce on anything that moved. He is much leaner and smaller than Dillon. At one time he was the grown up one and Dillon was the stupid one but their personalities seem to have switched.


Huffy has been brilliant and is trying to get a little closer to them without us thinking that he cares.

Huffy has been brilliant and is trying to get a little closer to them without us thinking that he cares.


Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

Most of the evenings I am being pinned to the sofa so they can sleep. But when they are awake it is like having 2 little tornado’s in the house. That is why most of our photo’s are taken when they are tired, that is the only time you can keep up with them.

You are right these are the most precious weeks, and they have given us so much 14entertainment, the TV is definitely second best. We are not looking forward to having to let them out into the big wide world, but that is inevitable. But not for a while yet…………….



Their favourite pastime, after eating, terrorising Huffy and demolishing the house!


Stalker trying out his new washing sequence and then giving up.

Stalker trying out his new washing sequence and then giving up.

They found a new game of jumping from the
freezer up to the coat rail, I was terrified of them
hurting themselves if they tried to jump down
so we would keep getting them down. One kitten
would do it, then let me and Bruce sit back down
again and then the other kitten would do it.
In the end we bought them this super dooper
scratching post, so they had something else to climb
on. As you can see they like their new toy, but only for sleeping on!!



Stalker and Dillon

Stalker and Dillon

Stalker has a thing for Dillons ears and washes them for him any chance he gets whether Dillon wants it or not.

Stalker has a thing for Dillons ears and washes them for him any chance he gets whether Dillon wants it or not.

They are like little adults now and are growing so fast. We are so glad that we got the two of them together. They do everything together.


Stalker and Huffy.

Stalker and Huffy.

All of them spend a lot of time with us in the office. I don’t think Stalker knew Huffy was on the chair when he decided to jump on it. Huffy gave in and let them both have it in the end. He has been so good with them, and they have grown to respect and love Huffy in their own little ways. Even though one of their games is to go after his tail whenever he walks past and run.

Stalker is the 'dippy'looking one in both pics.

Stalker is the ‘dippy’looking one in both pics.

They have both had their injections now, and it is getting nearer to their neutering, but I want to leave it as long as possible because then we must let them out. And I am dreading that day…………….

They both love to sit up at the window and watch us or Huffy when we are in the garden, I can imagine what mischief they will get up to when they are allowed out. And they have so much more to learn.


Huffy and Stalker on Huffy's bed.

Huffy and Stalker on Huffy’s bed.

Huffy on Dillon and Stalkers bed, which is ME!

Huffy on Dillon and Stalkers bed, which is ME!

My partner, Bruce, has long hair. Stalker likes to preen his hair for him.

My partner, Bruce, has long hair. Stalker likes to preen his hair for him.


Stalker stalking the camera.

Stalker stalking the camera.

Dillon hanging from a feather.

Dillon hanging from a feather.

Bruce had some feathers from the garden and both kittens loved to play with them, it is so funny hearing them growl and hiss when someone tries to take the feathers away from them. Dillon was so determined to keep his that he was literally hanging from the feather by his teeth and claws. You can still see the kitten in them but they are also changing into little adults now. Their hunting instinct is kicking in, it looks as though they may be good hunters, like Huffy.. Huffy is well known round here for catching rats, we have allotments a little way a way and he spends a lot of his time there. Hopefully he will look after the kittens when they are out and take them there. I can imagine a lot of fun could be had there and so much to explore.



Stalker loves to sleep in the most awkward positions, here he is on the back of a chair with at least a 3 foot drop to the floor! He is completely dead to the world.



Dillon after a hard day of mischief.

Dillon after a hard day of mischief.

Here you can see their beautiful markings. Stalker on the left and chunky Dillon on the right. Dillon is built a lot like his mum and is a very muscular little kitten.
Stalker is very dainty although he is the bully, as Dillon finds out every day!


32Although Huffy looks grumpy, he isn’t really, he instigates a lot of the play and when he thinks your not looking loves to run around with the kittens and play hide and seek.

33They both love playing with balls, we seem to have hundreds around the house. Stalker discovered that if he hooked his teeth into them he could carry them around, so now they are not just in the front room, we are finding them upstairs and even in beds!!



They still love each other.

They still love each other.

Stalker, on the left with his usual grin and Dillon on the right looking butch!!

Stalker, on the left with his usual grin and Dillon on the right looking butch!!

They are going to be beautiful, strong cats. And we love them dearly. This is the last photo we have of them which was taken this week. We have loads, and videos too. I will send you some more in a few months time, at least they won’t be sleeping so much then as they should be going outside…………………. we will have to cut the apron strings!!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed these and feel happy knowing that they are OK.

Bruce, Tina, Huffy, Stalker and Dillon.