Contact Dermititis Misery

I am getting so fed up, it has taken nearly a year for my doctor to tell me what I have on my hands. They have been so painful and annoying I haven’t been able to do anything without it getting covered in grease!!!! Some weeks are better than others and I can get a little done, but my hands are so dry, itchy and sore. Contact Dermitits sucks!!!! I hate not being able to sew. This is why I have not been on my blog for a while. Just waiting for an appointment with the hospital so I can have a patch test done to see what is causing it. I have changed everything from soaps, washing powder, wearing gloves etc but it still keeps coming back.

Anyway, just as a fill in I will show you my little sewing packs for my Quilt as you go Hexie quilt. I do so enjoy making up little kits so I have everything to hand when I am in my cattery. I can just whip out a little bag and get started without having to hunt for needles, floss etc.

To start I appliqued 80 yes 80 little patchwork flowers onto the backing squares. To each little bag I included this hexie, a wadding hexie and a backing hexie. Along with a just enough stranded floss of the colours I needed.

I’m quite methodical, so I embroider all the little flowers, then I go back and put the backing hexie together, then I go back and embroider all the completed little hexies. So it takes quite a while to get through the whole box.

But with different techniques going on it is never boring!

All the little bags are kept in a plastic box, that has a lid and a carry handle, (only cost me £2.50 new). Also in the box I have scissors, fabric pen, needles, tacking thread, sewing thread and a small embroidery hoop. I can get around 12 of these little filled bags in the box, plenty for me to get on with. When my hands feel a bit better.




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