6. More Embroidery on the Hexie

I didn’t want too much white going on in between the hexies when I finally put them altogether for my quilt, so decided to do a bit more embroidery. This seemed to make the little hexie flower in the middle pop, and it didn’t matter how ugly the fabric pattern was. The embroidery is very simple but does make a difference, and I think complete the hexie beautifully!

You will need: your finished QAYG hexie and the three stranded embroidery threads you used for the central flower and leaves. On my one it is green for the vine and leaves, dark blue for the flowers and yellow for the little stamens in the centre of the flowers.

On the hexie with your fabric pen, or sharp pencil, draw a wavy line around the hexie flower. Not too close to the flower, and not too close to the edge of the hexie. This will be the basis for the embroidery.

Here is where the little corner pockets on your hexie come in to play. Knot your thread and use the little pockets to hide the knot. Go into the pocket and bring your needle up on the line you have drawn. Keep all of your embroidery on the top of your hexie. Sliding your needle between the layers. We don’t want to see any embroidery threads on the back, spoiling your quilting. Using your line as a guide and 2 strands of green embroidery thread Back Stitch all the way round on your drawn line. Keep your fingers at the back of your work so you can feel if the needle goes all the way through. Keep the needle in between the layers, so none of the embroidery shows on the back side of the hexie.


When you get to near the end of your thread find the nearest pocket and slide your needle between the layers, open out the pocket and come up behind it, as in the photo above. do a little knot.Cut the thread and fold back the pocket to hide the knot. Do this with all the knots.

Vine finished and knots hidden.

None of the embroidery showing on the back side.

I spent an age on the internet trying to find little flowers to embroider that weren’t too heavy or complicated. I wanted something delicate and quick. The little embroidered flowers are made using Tulip Stitch, you will find a tutorial here.  I stitched them randomly on the vine, with enough gaps in between for some lovely little green leaves. I have used 2 strands of the dark blue embroidery thread. All the knots have been hidden again in the little pockets. Don’t go too close to the edge of the hexie with the embroidery as the crochet border might get caught up in it.

Next, fill the gaps in between the flowers with little Lazy Daisy leaves. Using 2 strands of the green embroidery thread I made my Lazy Daisy stitches a little bit longer so they give the effect of leaves.

For the finishing touch to the little flowers I have used 1 strand of yellow embroidery thread and put a little French Knot into the loop of each flower. That is all of the embroidery finished. Now to close up all the little pockets and cover up those horrible looking knots.

With white cotton thread sew up the little pockets without going all the way through the hexie.

The back of your hexie after all of the embroidery should look like this. Nothing showing except your lovely quilting!

In Part 7 I will show you how I crochet a border around the hexie ready for making up into a quilt.



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