May 21st Paper Bead Workshop

Here is the advert for my new paper bead workshop. Just a simple, basic introduction to making paper beads from alsorts of papers that you have around the house. So no expensive outlay.

During the session I will show you how to cut, roll and finish some paper beads. You will use your paper beads to make a bracelet with a clasp and charm to take home. I am really looking forward to this. And the beauty of holding my own workshops is that if they do get fully booked I will be able to hold more at later dates and times.

So please contact me if you are interested even if you can’t make the advertised date.

paper bead flyer


My First Recycled Craft Workshop

I gave my first craft workshop last week.  I taught some lovely ladies how to make Button Bracelets with Tshirts and cord.  It was a fun evening and everyone went home with 2 completely different bracelets.  A timetable for future workshops will be on my website within the next few days,  The workshops include: Rag Wreaths, Magazine Weaving, Junkmail Bead Making, Teacup Pincushions and Milk Bottle Shoulder Bags.


Lots of concentration going on here!

Our first bracelet was made using cord and buttons, with the help of a great tutorial on, the ladies were able to finish a bracelet quite quickly, the only thing  we found was that the cord did fray quite alot, plus I hadn’t told them at the beginning to pick out the buttons with big enough holes!!!  But with the help of some wax and some needles that problem was overcome.


Two completed bracelets

The second bracelet was my own design made with a recycled tshirt.  This way the buttons didn’t twist and you had a solid bracelet.  Whilst researching button bracelets I  found some people were making them by sewing buttons and beads onto a length of ordinary elastic.  I wanted something a little neater.  By cutting a tshirt into 1″ strips and stretching each strip into a cord, 6 of these cords were plaited together and sewn to form a bracelet.  then the buttons and beads were separately sewn on to the bracelet.

I thouroughly enjoyed hosting this workshop and I will be doing many more in the future.  Please visit my website for pricing and booking.

Also I have finally found some time to complete a Viking Knit Bracelet made using the recycled copper wire that my lovely partner has spent hours and hours stripping for me.  It was so easy to make but took a bit more time to add the closure etc.  I made a tool out of an old crochet hook and a bit of thick board to begin the loops.  It has had a lot of admirers and I will be making some more to sell on my website.


My very first Viking Knit Bracelet