Nearly finished Dillon!

Well my attempt at thread painting my cat Dillon is going quite well. Not as accurate as I would like, but at least it looks like a cats face. I am really enjoying it and have loads of photo’s of different cats that stay in my cattery to practice on. I have just got to finish his nose, put a few whiskas on, get rid of the pen lines and he is done!

This little portrait is in a 4″ hoop and measures about 2.75″ x 2.75″.


Sewing again-with Thread Painting

I  am now able, with the help from Manuka Honey Cream, able to sew again. My Contact Dermititis is almost gone. Not with any help from my GP. The only things he would offer me were Hormone Creams, which were just burning my hands. It has been so miserable not being able to touch anything without leaving streaks of grease or my hand splitting and bleeding. Now, hopefully that is all behind me!!!!

So as I wasn’t able to do any crafting I spent alot of time on the net drooling over what everyone else was doing.

Thread Painting caught my eye, it did seem labour intensive, until I realised alot of the artists use 4″ hoops, not very big, but the details that were achieved were amazing. My all time favourite on YouTube was from Stitching Sabbatical. She is brilliant, and stitches my all time passion, CATS! I decided to have a go using a photo of one of my cats…………….

I have been reading up on all I could find on this subject, ordered needles, hoop and a couple of books and the day before yesterday I was ready to start my first project.

I had some old polyester cotton sheeting, which I am using, it works fine with all of the little stitches. The only problem I have found is trying to thread the needles! They are a size 10 quilting needle, very tiny. Even though I am only using one thread of stranded embroidery cotton, it takes alot of concentration.

This is my first attempt so far, of my beautiful tabby Dillon.  I am hoping that his little character will show through when I have finished.


New Cat Mats


I am having a lovely week at home, away from the cattery, before the little Christmas guests arrive. My sewing machine is working overtime making cat mats. The ones I made for the cattery have been a great success. The ones at home have too. Dillon and Stalker spend most of their days on my bed, I put two of the mats on the bed and they will only sleep on them now!!!

dscf4490This week I have been rummaging through secondhand shops for fabric and designing, practicing and making lots of cat mats. Some of which will be going into my Etsy shop.

There is a small, soft, kicker toy that can be removed, on one edge of the mat. The ring allows you to attach your own toys. (No catnip has been used).dscf4493

The beauty of them being padded mats is that I can do anything on the top of them. I will be making patchwork ones, appliqued ones and plain ones depending on the fabric I can get hold of. So from fabric that has been thrown out I can make beautiful, practical and cuddly mats for cats.


One of the cat mats with a pillow my son bought me that has a photo of my two little boys when they were babies……….gorgeous.


Cat mats

My two little boys have never had so many cat beds or mats to fight over before! And I promise you they do fight, they are twin brothers and don’t like sharing unless they have to. And I have made lots of cat beds and mats in the last couple of months, not only for my new Cattery57, but I am also trying to design a nice easy, cosy cat mat to start my Cattery57 Etsy shop. I want to keep the ethos of using recycled fabrics, but they need to be cosy and look pretty enough to leave lying around the home. So I have gone back to patchwork, but with a little twist of hand embroidery on some tiny kat kickers that are attached, they are removable to enable washing or to put your own cat toys onto the mat.  This is my prototype, I am in the process of embroidering the little kickers which will be attached tomorrow.  The mat measures 21″ x 21″, 2cms thick with wadding, this one is Butterfly and Flowers fabric, (although that will change due to the fabrics being recycled), fully washable, and my two boys love sleeping on it, although with the clocks going back I have had trouble catching them sleeping today!!! But I promise photo’s will be available tomorrow!!!!!


Goodbye craft fairs, hello cats!!

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures in the last post, my dream craft workroom is now a small boarding cattery!!!


From this………………….


To this……………..


We have 2 perfectly formed holiday homes………….


With heated bedrooms

Back to my roots and back to doing what I love. I will still be doing my crafts, but probably I will change again and concentrate on catty things. Like cat beds, mats, toys etc.


Perfect little bed for my perfect little cat, made by me.


Squishy cat mats for the cattery, made by me.











This is also a new cat I have designed, once the cattery is up and running (we were only granted the licence to open a couple of days ago) I will be making these as elaborate, one off crazy quilted cats.

DSC_0097 I have plenty of space in the cattery to sit and do my hand sewing whilst talking to my little visitors and keeping them company. What could be more ideal?