New Handbag Made From My Perfect DIY Quilted Fabric


So this is what I needed my quilted fabric for (Please see my DIY quilted fabric tutorial). It took ages for me to get the shape of the bag I invisaged and with the DIY quilted fabric, it gave me the substance for the bag I wanted for the design, and to be thick and strong, like a proper handbag.


This bag is made from 2 recycled bed sheets and 2 plastic milk bottles. These I used for the bag base. (Tutorial to follow tomorrow for the bag base). Alot cheaper than buying ready made bases and, I think, perform the same way but for free!!

My design has an inside pocket, another pocket along the front, a zipper closure, with an added button closure at the top. The handles are long enough to either hold or sling over the shoulder. This is my prototype. Future ones will be for sale at my Etsy shop.

Now I have the design I can add patchwork, applique and red work. Can’t wait to make my next one!