May 21st Paper Bead Workshop

Here is the advert for my new paper bead workshop. Just a simple, basic introduction to making paper beads from alsorts of papers that you have around the house. So no expensive outlay.

During the session I will show you how to cut, roll and finish some paper beads. You will use your paper beads to make a bracelet with a clasp and charm to take home. I am really looking forward to this. And the beauty of holding my own workshops is that if they do get fully booked I will be able to hold more at later dates and times.

So please contact me if you are interested even if you can’t make the advertised date.

paper bead flyer


Recycled Newspaper Wicker!!

Well, my last post finished with me heading towards the hoard of cardboard I had accumalated to make some furniture.  This did not happen as my poor little shed, being emptied and left for the newer garage studio, became damp and all the cardboard that had been stored there became the same.  So I abandoned that idea and researched for a simpler craft and came across some brilliant Russian sites with paper wicker.  So I bought some second hand furniture for my new studio in the newly refurbished garage and studied paper wicker instead as my new craft.

It is so rewarding cutting up local and national newspapers and making them into something practical and beautiful.  I have only been learning and creating things for the last few months, but with perseverance and lots of rejects I think I have come up with my own style and interpretation.  The colouring of the paper caused the most problems as I wanted it to feel like wicker and not paper that had been PVA’d, which alot of the sites recommend.  After lots of tins of paint and varnish my partner and I have arrived at how we want things to look and feel.  And with my own decoration, recycled fabric of course, I think that my creations can be called ‘shabby chic’ literally. I am fortunate to have a lovely lady who is collecting newspapers for me and I have sack loads which will keep me going for ages.

I have given in and decided to try the craft shows again, after all the lovely weather is here and the shows are in full swing. I now have something that I think is a little bit unusual here in Norfolk, so why not try?  Hopefully I can get other people interested in recycling and  use paper wicker for teaching as well as selling finished items.

Recycling doesn’t have to be hideous,it can be very pretty and practical, here are some of my creations to prove it.  If you are interested in anything here please comment and contact me on my website. All of these items will be for sale at the craft fairs I can attend. I will post dates and venues when they are booked.