New Week

I’m trying so hard not to make any more newspaper weaving items as my studio is full of them.  Storage is my problem at the moment, what does everyone else do with all of their handiwork?  I have storage boxes, drawers, cupboards, shelves full of things I have made.  And 3 sacks of newspapers!!!!

I must start concentrating on getting the workshops going again after spending so much time getting organised for the craft fair.  Had a fairly good year last year but so far not alot.  So I am giving £5 Recycle Craft Workshops on  Tuesday mornings to get them started again.


Our council is due to have a Recycling Committee Meeting this week so I will be attending.  Apparently they are always looking for ideas and people to get involved.  I have spent the last couple of days making my new workshop posters and putting together a little pack for the meeting to hand out.

Brochure Pack

These packs contain my workshop brochure, a recycle craft workshop poster and 6 small posters, and a  busines card envelope with 6 business cards.  They are all tied together with string and finished off with one of my labels that are made from plastic milk bottles. I will also be taking one of my newspaper baskets.  Hopefully I will get to meet some people that will be able to help me with my marketing or who will be interested in my crafts.

This will be the beginning of my new strategy, it will be interesting to see what happens.

I haven’t spent all of my time the last couple of weeks without crafting.  My granddaughter had her 11th birthday.  She lives and breathes horses. So for a present I made her a 3d horse wall hanging.  For Christmas I had given her a small sewing machine as I had recently taught her how to use one.  So with the horse I designed a sewing pattern for her so she can make some more herself.  At her age she is too young for toys and not quite experienced enough to use a proper sewing pattern so I created one that she would be able to use on her own.

louise horse finised bpatten front

The horse is stuffed and decorated with beads, lace, sequins, buttons and hung with ribbon.  Again, it is using recycled fabrics and decorations.  The  sewing pattern includes a template and illustrated instructions and can be hand sewn or machined.  We have decided to do a line of these patterns called Louise’s Fantasy Pets.  So this is my next ‘freetime’ project.  This sewing pattern will be available on my website within the next couple of weeks, so keep watching.