Cat mats

My two little boys have never had so many cat beds or mats to fight over before! And I promise you they do fight, they are twin brothers and don’t like sharing unless they have to. And I have made lots of cat beds and mats in the last couple of months, not only for my new Cattery57, but I am also trying to design a nice easy, cosy cat mat to start my Cattery57 Etsy shop. I want to keep the ethos of using recycled fabrics, but they need to be cosy and look pretty enough to leave lying around the home. So I have gone back to patchwork, but with a little twist of hand embroidery on some tiny kat kickers that are attached, they are removable to enable washing or to put your own cat toys onto the mat.  This is my prototype, I am in the process of embroidering the little kickers which will be attached tomorrow.  The mat measures 21″ x 21″, 2cms thick with wadding, this one is Butterfly and Flowers fabric, (although that will change due to the fabrics being recycled), fully washable, and my two boys love sleeping on it, although with the clocks going back I have had trouble catching them sleeping today!!! But I promise photo’s will be available tomorrow!!!!!



Miracle Embroidery Transfer Pen

I saw this pen advertised as a pen with ink that can be rubbed out with friction. To me friction means heat!! I bought 3 pens for £5 on Ebay, they are called Pilot Frixion. They are nice and fine and the ones I have are blue in colour. They are not exclusively for fabric, but this is what I found:

dsc_0142I drew some of the embroidery stitches to get them in the right place. After stitching my crazy quilt cat I could still see the ink through the stitches, so for my heat source, to get rid of the marks, I boiled the kettle, once it had boiled I held the back of my embroidery against the hot kettle and watched the ink disappear………….. brilliant. I can make as many mistakes as I want, draw as many lines as I want for the embroidery and even after 3 weeks the ink disappeared just with the heat from the kettle, and I get a cup of tea as well.

These pens are brilliant and I know that I don’t have to get my work wet or damp to get rid of the marks as I did with the soluble marker pens. And I don’t have to damage anything by rubbing like I did with the tailors chalk. I will definitely be using these in the future for all of my transferring on to fabrics.