Craft Room / Shop

Everything I have made this year has been carefully put away into large plastic storage boxes, and only taken out if I do a craft fair or someone has ordered it from my Etsy shop or Website. So I decided it would be nice if I could have them on show if anyone came to my studio. That way they could be labelled and priced and ready to go and my workshop would look like a little shop. Also it gave me the opportunity of maybe making some more sales!


With the help from my partner I now have a wall of shelves, and each time something is made I can label, price and bag it up and display it. I can see what I have in stock, and if I attend a craft fair everything is ready and easy to hand.








And I still have room for my crafting. I couldn’t afford proper shelving, so I just bought a whole load of brackets and a few 6 x 8 ft sheets of hardboard, which is really cheap. As you can see it is warping a bit, but my bags and baskets aren’t heavy so I am not worried. All in all I think I spent about £30 for 9 shelves and 27 brackets.  Alot nicer than a bare wall!


My finished paper mache storage boxes, at last!!

It wasn’t until I received a message from a reader to say that I had shown the start of my storage boxes but hadn’t shown how they look now that they are finished. I must apologise, this project was in my blog in April!! So here is the update as to how they look (I did finish them in June, honestly!)







This is how they looked in the beginning. just recycled cardboard and masking tape.

For my paper mache I used small pieces of brown Kraft paper and a 1:1 water diluted PVA glue. The boxes were covered, inside and out, with about 3 layers of the paper mache (leaving to completely dry between each layer). They were then painted, inside and out, with a household matt white paint. I needed to do two coats of this to make sure the Kraft paper was covered and the finished boxes looked white. Then came the final coat of household satin paint. I love satin paint, it isn’t as shiny as the gloss and is alot easier to paint with.








They didn’t finish as hard as I thought they would by using the PVA glue, I should probably have done it the old fashioned way and used a flour/water paste mix for the mache. But they still serve their purpose and I have gained alot more storage room on the shelves, and it looks alot neater than before.

I carried on with the recycling ethos and made labels for each box. To do this I printed a label with a design, stuck it onto a piece of recycled cardboard and covered it with transparent plastic. To attach the labels to the boxes I used gold coloured split paper pins.


And this is how they ended up.

SAM_2033I had been looking at the price and sizes of storage boxes, none of them would have fitted my shelves or looked as neat, or been practically free!!

Craft Room Fabric Scrap Storage

I am changing my craft room around again!! There is always too much stuff and not enough storage. Along one wall I have a worktop and everything seems to get shoved under it in boxes and bags which looks awful.  I found a brilliant book case on the Argos website. Not the usual with tiny shelves, this one has 3 shelves that are 40cms deep  and 73cms long. It is called the Pagnell Book Shelf and cost £39.99 + delivery. I am so pleased with it, it fits snugly underneath my worktop and will hold 3 of my newspaper baskets giving me lots more storage space for all the small bits of fabric I keep for patchwork and applique.

SAM_2081Please check out my tutorial for making the newspaper baskets and the next tutorial for painting them. I love making these and they don’t cost a penny when you need more storage. Its surprising what you can do with a couple of old newspapers and a piece of cardboard!!