Miracle Embroidery Transfer Pen

I saw this pen advertised as a pen with ink that can be rubbed out with friction. To me friction means heat!! I bought 3 pens for £5 on Ebay, they are called Pilot Frixion. They are nice and fine and the ones I have are blue in colour. They are not exclusively for fabric, but this is what I found:

dsc_0142I drew some of the embroidery stitches to get them in the right place. After stitching my crazy quilt cat I could still see the ink through the stitches, so for my heat source, to get rid of the marks, I boiled the kettle, once it had boiled I held the back of my embroidery against the hot kettle and watched the ink disappear………….. brilliant. I can make as many mistakes as I want, draw as many lines as I want for the embroidery and even after 3 weeks the ink disappeared just with the heat from the kettle, and I get a cup of tea as well.

These pens are brilliant and I know that I don’t have to get my work wet or damp to get rid of the marks as I did with the soluble marker pens. And I don’t have to damage anything by rubbing like I did with the tailors chalk. I will definitely be using these in the future for all of my transferring on to fabrics.


My Etsy Shop


My craft corner in the cattery


Being watched by my first little guest.










This is the description on my Etsy Shop. It took for ages to change the photos for the shop and I still have alot to do before I can put anything for sale on it. I think this covers most things, as you lot have probably discovered I am not very colour co-ordinated how ever much I try. I would love to be able to go ahead and do everything shabby chic but it is not as easy as it looks. My mind is in lots of colours and if they clash….tough!

Anyway my description:

Cats and crafts have been my passion for many years. I now have the best of both worlds, owning and running a small boarding cattery and having time to craft. The cattery is designed so I have room to craft whilst keeping my little guests company, having catty conversations when sewing is inspirational!!
I design and make all things catty, from cat beds and toys to cat shelf sitters and home decor. Alot of my smaller items are hand sewn, as I don’t like to upset my guests with the sound of my sewing machine.
I don’t proclaim to be shabby chic, vintage or retro, everything I make is to my colouring, textures, mixtures, taste and what I have available at the time! I have tried to be soft, subtle and co-ordinated but that is just not me. Sometimes the colours clash or I have overdone something but that is my own creativity, each item is my own.
Everything that leaves my shop is scrutinised by me, but please accept the ocassional cat hair that may have been missed! It might belong to the little one that inspired your purchase…..

P.S This is not included in my description on Etsy, but please BEWARE,  don’t try and cook a pan of rice whilst concentrating on Etsy. I found this out to my peril and just had to spend half an hour scouring a burnt saucepan!!!


Website Closed



I’m going to come back as a cat!

My tinasragbag.co.uk website is now closed. Anything I make that is for sale, from now on, will be showcased here on this blog with a link to my new Etsy shop.

As you may have gathered from my other posts I will now be concentrating on my lovely new little boarding cattery and making catty inspired things for my shop.

Crazy Hanging Heart Beginnings


During the winter evenings I do alot of crazy patchwork. It is so enjoyable, addictive and costs next to nothing. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. I started this hanging heart today, it is now ready for all of my ‘filling in’. It is only 8″ x 8″ but I can make it last for a couple of weeks with embroidery, bead work and making embellishments for it. I could just sew a few beads on now to cover up some little mistakes and then finish it off with a lovely shabby chic lace edge, it would still look gorgeous, but I like to fill in and do as much as I can on it. I will post some pictures when it is eventually finished.

I will be advertising daytime classes for my Easy Crazy Patchwork sessions in the next couple of weeks. Anyone interested in the Gorleston (Norfolk UK) area please contact me. You don’t need to know how to sew, as long as you can thread a needle you can make one of these very easily. Imagine the personalised Christmas presents you could make!!!



Crazy Cat Shelf Sitter

Not having my workshop anymore has made me do alot more hand sewing for my crafts. I do miss my big table that I used to cut out on and have my sewing machine set up all the time. Never mind it gives me an excuse to go back to doing crazy patchwork.

This past time is just what it says, passes the time but really quickly as it is so enjoyable. You can use all of your little bits that you probably thought would never see the light of day again but kept hold of just in case i.e that lonely button, half a dozen beads, odds and ends of embroidery silk.

I have just made this, well not today, it has been over the last couple of weeks, whilst waiting for licences, insurances etc for the cattery.


Only measures 6″ x 4″ so not really alot of fabric to cover with all of your embroidery stitches and bits!

I will be doing a tutorial shortly if you would like to have a go. This is a little shelf sitter for my bedroom but you could sew on a hanging ribbon, make it bigger and use as a posh pillow or frame it and hang on the wall.

Goodbye craft fairs, hello cats!!

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures in the last post, my dream craft workroom is now a small boarding cattery!!!


From this………………….


To this……………..


We have 2 perfectly formed holiday homes………….


With heated bedrooms

Back to my roots and back to doing what I love. I will still be doing my crafts, but probably I will change again and concentrate on catty things. Like cat beds, mats, toys etc.


Perfect little bed for my perfect little cat, made by me.


Squishy cat mats for the cattery, made by me.











This is also a new cat I have designed, once the cattery is up and running (we were only granted the licence to open a couple of days ago) I will be making these as elaborate, one off crazy quilted cats.

DSC_0097 I have plenty of space in the cattery to sit and do my hand sewing whilst talking to my little visitors and keeping them company. What could be more ideal?










Finally given up, given in………

It has been such a long time since I last posted. Most of the time was spent making things for Christmas and hoping that this year would be a better year for my craft business. But after a lot of thinking and being practical I have decided that enough is enough. I tried so hard to make things that people would want and appreciate, but I am afraid if I can’t make things for pennies and sell them for the same I won’t get anywhere. I was once told that if you charge the earth for something that you have made people will think that they are getting something exclusive almost designer and they will pay. I have tried that too and that doesn’t work even though I never made two things the same.

So all of my stock has gone to my mother, she can do what she wants with it, sell it for charity or give it to friends. I give in…………………….but

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to go back to my basics, but as I can’t do it on the scale that I did 25 years ago I will have to go bijou, mini, small, exclusive and that is what I am in the process of doing. Nothing to do with crafts, (although I am already getting crafty things together that I can use to promote my new business) and lots to do with the love and passion of my life……………

First I have had to apply and wait for planning permission, which I now have. Rely and watch carpenters, builders, electricians etc which I am now in the process. And look forward to my new venture.

I am so excited and have more confidence in this new business which I will reveal soon.

There will have to be a new blog to go with the new business, but I will have more time to keep this one up and I will be carrying on doing my crafty bits, although this time if they are not to do with promotion they will be for my pleasure.


My lovely craft studio before the transformation


Can you guess what is going to be in there now??????