My cattery kits for needlepunching

I made some little kits for needlepunching, so I had everything ready whilst looking after the cats in my cattery. It is lovely to be able to sit in the cattery, have conversations with my boarders whilst crafting. For my little kits I had everything printed onto my fabric and all of the colours of embroidery floss that I had chosen split into 3 strands and ready to go!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed putting all of these together. My partner cut up and varnished and varnished again, all the backing boards from the back of an old drawer. Perfect colour for these needlepunches. I am now deciding how to decorate them, I have applied a little lace, some leather thong, and some copper wire for hanging. But I will later add some beads etc to finish off.

I cut round the needlepunch project when finished, leaving a half inch border around the fabric. For each piece I turned the fabric and basted it to the back.

Shock, horror, I couldn’t be bothered to get out my glue gun, so instead I stuck carpet tape to the back of the punch needle and just stuck it down to the wood backing board. It will hold just as well as the glue gun!

I will probably get my bead collection out and add them to ribbon, lace or just get my partner to make a few more holes in the bottom of the backing board so I can hang a few beads. The ideas are endless!!!!!


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