My Etsy Shop


My craft corner in the cattery


Being watched by my first little guest.










This is the description on my Etsy Shop. It took for ages to change the photos for the shop and I still have alot to do before I can put anything for sale on it. I think this covers most things, as you lot have probably discovered I am not very colour co-ordinated how ever much I try. I would love to be able to go ahead and do everything shabby chic but it is not as easy as it looks. My mind is in lots of colours and if they clash….tough!

Anyway my description:

Cats and crafts have been my passion for many years. I now have the best of both worlds, owning and running a small boarding cattery and having time to craft. The cattery is designed so I have room to craft whilst keeping my little guests company, having catty conversations when sewing is inspirational!!
I design and make all things catty, from cat beds and toys to cat shelf sitters and home decor. Alot of my smaller items are hand sewn, as I don’t like to upset my guests with the sound of my sewing machine.
I don’t proclaim to be shabby chic, vintage or retro, everything I make is to my colouring, textures, mixtures, taste and what I have available at the time! I have tried to be soft, subtle and co-ordinated but that is just not me. Sometimes the colours clash or I have overdone something but that is my own creativity, each item is my own.
Everything that leaves my shop is scrutinised by me, but please accept the ocassional cat hair that may have been missed! It might belong to the little one that inspired your purchase…..

P.S This is not included in my description on Etsy, but please BEWARE,  don’t try and cook a pan of rice whilst concentrating on Etsy. I found this out to my peril and just had to spend half an hour scouring a burnt saucepan!!!



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