Crazy Hanging Heart Beginnings


During the winter evenings I do alot of crazy patchwork. It is so enjoyable, addictive and costs next to nothing. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like. I started this hanging heart today, it is now ready for all of my ‘filling in’. It is only 8″ x 8″ but I can make it last for a couple of weeks with embroidery, bead work and making embellishments for it. I could just sew a few beads on now to cover up some little mistakes and then finish it off with a lovely shabby chic lace edge, it would still look gorgeous, but I like to fill in and do as much as I can on it. I will post some pictures when it is eventually finished.

I will be advertising daytime classes for my Easy Crazy Patchwork sessions in the next couple of weeks. Anyone interested in the Gorleston (Norfolk UK) area please contact me. You don’t need to know how to sew, as long as you can thread a needle you can make one of these very easily. Imagine the personalised Christmas presents you could make!!!




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