Craft Room / Shop

Everything I have made this year has been carefully put away into large plastic storage boxes, and only taken out if I do a craft fair or someone has ordered it from my Etsy shop or Website. So I decided it would be nice if I could have them on show if anyone came to my studio. That way they could be labelled and priced and ready to go and my workshop would look like a little shop. Also it gave me the opportunity of maybe making some more sales!


With the help from my partner I now have a wall of shelves, and each time something is made I can label, price and bag it up and display it. I can see what I have in stock, and if I attend a craft fair everything is ready and easy to hand.








And I still have room for my crafting. I couldn’t afford proper shelving, so I just bought a whole load of brackets and a few 6 x 8 ft sheets of hardboard, which is really cheap. As you can see it is warping a bit, but my bags and baskets aren’t heavy so I am not worried. All in all I think I spent about £30 for 9 shelves and 27 brackets.  Alot nicer than a bare wall!


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