Ready for Christmas!

SAM_2174Had a lovely few days making these little, lined, coin pouches, I have 30 ready now.

All of these are made with recycled fabric which I have quilted (yes I am still hooked on my perfect diy quilted fabric). They are lined, and decorated with lace, a loop on the back with keyring, and zip chain with little ‘recycled’ emblem charm.

Today I was busy putting the finishing touches to them and adding my little labels ready for sale!

SAM_2161Here are some of the tools for finishing off, chains, charms, keyrings and my own little handmade labels.

SAM_2165My labels are made from cat food boxes and Kraft paper. I just printed my logo on the Kraft paper, stuck it onto some card from the cat food boxes then put it through my Big Shot using a little flower die. I have stuck a little gem in the centre to add some sparkle. Then tied the label to a purse with cotton. Easy!

SAM_2171Here is a close up of the little charms I purchased to put on the end of the zip pulls. The logo is supposed to represent recycling. The chain, charm and keyring on each purse is antique bronze colour.

SAM_2169These make sweet little coin purses, and are squishy enough to put into any handbag. I’m looking forward to making lots more of these and hope that other people will like them too as I will be doing another Christmas craft fair this year and these will be the main part of the stall.

I was relying on my friend to take me to the fairs as I don’t drive. Unfortunately she moved away some time ago, so now I am having to think of things that will be small enough for me to carry  on the bus!!! Its surprising how many of these I can get into one of my laundry bags………………….


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