21 weeks old

Time flies when you’re having fun……..Stalker has discovered the kitchen sink and loves to play with the water dripping from the tap


Or anything else that is on the draining board, he has become quite a little thief, especially when food is about. He is always on the go, but occasionally he does get tired


This is a yawn!

When he does get tired and ready for a catnap he requires his ‘sooky’ !!!!!! Just like a little human he has his little blanket that he has to suck and paddy paw as he goes to sleep. Even at this age I can’t take it away from him. It was my dressing gown, I had to cut out the pocket for him so he was able to carry it around…………….


He starts on the floor


Then takes it to his favourite chair


And God forbid if you try to take it away from him!!!

I have never known a cat to sulk so much, but if he can’t find it or I have managed to get it away from him to wash that is what he does. And poor little Dillon pays.


Mind you, this is little Dillon, do you think he looks bothered? (I couldn’t find a photo of Dillon awake this week perhaps next or maybe not!) He can be too laid back for his own good sometimes.



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