Craft Room Fabric Scrap Storage

I am changing my craft room around again!! There is always too much stuff and not enough storage. Along one wall I have a worktop and everything seems to get shoved under it in boxes and bags which looks awful.  I found a brilliant book case on the Argos website. Not the usual with tiny shelves, this one has 3 shelves that are 40cms deep  and 73cms long. It is called the Pagnell Book Shelf and cost £39.99 + delivery. I am so pleased with it, it fits snugly underneath my worktop and will hold 3 of my newspaper baskets giving me lots more storage space for all the small bits of fabric I keep for patchwork and applique.

SAM_2081Please check out my tutorial for making the newspaper baskets and the next tutorial for painting them. I love making these and they don’t cost a penny when you need more storage. Its surprising what you can do with a couple of old newspapers and a piece of cardboard!!


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