20 Weeks Old

My two little boys, Stalker and Dillon are growing fast and becoming two little horrors!! Going up and down the stairs is more of a game now instead of an epic and dangerous journey.


And the first exciting playground for them was the bathroom and playing in the empty bath.









But just like kiddies they soon got bored with that and went for the next best thing……….the shower curtain!!!















I know we should have said ‘NO!’, but the curtain only cost £2 and they were so enjoying themselves. It was Stalker who instigated it and ‘layed back’ Dillon went along with it, although he let Stalker do all the ripping while he played with all the bits.

So where has the dicipline and training gone?




Dillon After their busy day!







How could you say ‘NO!’ to these two little angels?

Stalker is becoming very bossy, even with our old cat Huffy. Huffy has had his own quilt in the middle of the bed for the past ten years or so (during the day, we’re not that soft!) for his catnaps. Stalker has decided that he wants it so Huffy has been kicked off and now has to sleep on the corner of the bed.


Dillon (sitting on the edge) gets in where he can…

Dillon and Stalker celebrated their 4th birthday this April. This diary is using all of the photo’s and memories that we have collected over their lives with us, so Huffy is included although he is no longer with us. Huffy was a beautiful and unique cat in many ways. He was abandoned by his owners when they moved, he was only a few months old and lived on the streets near where we live. The local pub,  which we can see from our house, fed him, but the rest of the time he spent living on allotments and roaming around. So he was very street wise. The owner of the pub was moving away and asked if anyone would take Huffy on as he didn’t think that he would settle as a domestic cat. But he did, with us, we kept him indoors for a couple of weeks, which he wasn’t too happy about, but he soon came round to the luxury of having a warm bed, regular food and lots of cuddles, which he craved. He had such a loving nature, even though he reverted back to his streetwise self outside. He was a fantastic ratter, and nearly every day bought us a present of either a rat or a mouse from the allotments. One time even a little stoat! But he never went for birds.

We used to go regularly (once a week, we are not heavy drinkers!) to the pub and Huffy would walk with us and sit outside and wait for us to walk home. He was well known as a regular and spent many happy hours in the pub garden with other customers.

Regretably we had to have him put to sleep last November, after 12 years of cuddles, due to a growth on his mouth, the kids really missed him as we still do.


Our loving Huffy

Huffy was like a grand dad to the little ones and did give out his own dicipline (he knew we wouldn’t) with the occasional slap and the killer look!!!!!! But most times he put up with the chaos and nurtured them like we were trying to do! If Huffy hadn’t been around for their first 3 1/2  years we would have ended up with more trouble than we have now……………………..




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