My New DIY Craft Storage Boxes

I have a lovely wall unit in my studio with lots of shelves, I also have loads of cottons, tools, papers, things I have made, the list goes on. So I decided I needed storage boxes to fit on the shelves of the wall unit. Stupid idea, I spent hours looking through Argos catalogues, internet and ebay for ones that would fit. I had measured all the shelves in inches, all the boxes advertised were in either cms, or mm or even litres!!!!  In the end I decided that it would be quicker to make my own.

So I am. The only trouble is it involves paper mache, and that is taking sooooo much time. I hope they finish up how I imagine they should.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI made these boxes up in a day, using recycled cardboard and masking tape. I have spent the last couple of days covering them with kraft paper mache. It is taking 2 hours to cover the inside and outside of one box. Such a long winded job, but it makes the cardboard sturdy. Hopefully I will finish covering them soon, then I can start painting them.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThese are going to give me so much more storage space, and as I am going to label (craftily) each box, more organised too. And they haven’t cost me much except a roll of Kraft paper from ebay. I will post pictures of the paper mache stage when I have eventually finished it!


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