My Paper Bead Rolling Tool Tutorial

I have spent many hours rolling my paper beads on toothpicks and it had come to the point where my fingers, hands and wrists couldn’t take anymore. I was getting cramp a lot and my beads were suffering. So I researched the beading tools on the net. Most of them were expensive and with all the different sizes it was hard to choose which one would do the job. Also they looked as though the handles were quite thin which would defeat the object for my hands.
The manufactured bead rollers have a metal rod that is split down the middle, which is where you place the beginning of your bead paper. This is brilliant as you don’t’ have to spend ages trying to get your paper rolled tight enough at the beginning to stay on your cocktail stick whilst rolling it.
You just slide the paper in between the two pins, make it even and roll. This makes it so much quicker.

SAM_1967So after looking at a lot of bead rollers I came up with this simple idea. It took literally 10 minutes to make.
From my small local hardware shop I bought a few different sized split pins, the shop owner only charged me 10p per pin!
The thicker the split pin is the larger the hole will be in your bead.

splitpinI then found a length of dead wood from a tree that had been cut back in the garden. With a saw I cut it down to the length I needed for it to be comfortable in my hand.
With some sand paper I removed the bark and made it smooth. My handle is approx 3/4″ wide and 5 1/2″ long.
Not thinking of health and safety I used a pair of scissors to scrape out a hole, in the middle, at one end of the piece of wood, just wide enough to be able to put the round end of the split pin in, and deep enough so that there would be just over an inch of the split pin showing out of the top.
Next I filled the hole with hot glue and quickly pushed the split pin in, once the glue was dry the split pin was secured. That’s it, my new paper bead roller, ready for use.
Not very posh, but lovely on the hands, makes perfect beads and is so easy to use. I can now carry on making my beads for hours at a time and it only cost me 10p!


Beads made from the index pages of an Argos catalogue using my new tool


My lovely Rustic Handmade Paper Bead Rolling Tool.

Any questions please ask, it was so easy for me to make but I don’t know if I explained it enough!!!!


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