Today, with the remainder of the book pages.

SAM_1973Having done the tutorials, using rescued books to make birdhouses, I spent today using the remainder of the pages to make a paper bead bracelet and earring set. To make the beads I also made a beading tool,which made it alot easier for me as I love to make paper beads, but my wrists and fingers don’t! My beading tool allows me to work on these all day instead of a couple of hours. Cocktail sticks were too fiddly and caused cramp in my fingers. To buy a manufactured paper bead roller tool, I thought, was expensive and hard to find in the UK. So after alot of research I came up with my own that works brilliantly. The bracelet and earring set are just quick and easy tube beads, Very simple to make, and were just the right size, using the leftovers cut from the book nothing was wasted. The wooden beads and silver charm are what I had in my stash from other recycled projects. Once the beads were made and varnished it didn’t take long to put together the bracelet and earrings. A nice project for a craft stall. And will be my next tutorial soon…………


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