Computer Blues

My computer finally gave out, it had been working for me for the last 10 years or so, I was still using Word 2007 (I loved that programme, especially for designing things). But for all the research I do, and video tutorials I watch, it had become a very slow dinosaur.

My poor partner tried to revive the computer, with odd bits from other ones we have lying around, putting bits into the freezer, blowing, hoovering, rebooting, uploading and downloading!! One day he spent almost 9 hours trying allsorts of things. But we were still getting the killer blue screen, so I had to give in and hit the credit card. Now, here I am, on a beautiful, fast new one.

It is so tiny compared to the other one, and so quiet! Lets hope it earns its keep.

Luckily I had my old laptop hooked up, until the new computer arrived, as I made my FIRST internet sale……………Hooray.

I have changed all my prices on my Etsy shop, and started selling on Ebay. With the new speed it doesn’t feel so much of a chore and I am no longer worried of it freezing on me before I am able to save things.

The house is now calm and the air is clear!!!! Even my two little boys are more relaxed than they have been the last few days!!!



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