Rescued Book Page Items for my Etsy


Spent the last few days making things for my Etsy shop. This is a set of recycled book page envelopes to use in scrapbooking, wrapping presents etc. I hope you like them. They have been printed with vintage clipart which include: boquet of roses, victorian lady, carriage, penny farthing bicycle, bird, pocket watch, teapot, fan, butterfly and an old fashioned key.

I have also made a matching set of seals/stickers using Kraft paper and 160gms card. On the seals/stickers I have used double sided tape, so all you need to do is take off the backing and stick onto what ever you want, or use them to seal the little envelopes that I made from book pages.


A lttle envelope next to a 50p piece, just to show the size.


There is also a set of little cards which fit inside the envelopes, with the printed pictures, to match, made from card and Kraft paper.

The little envelopes measure 3″ x 2 1/4″ (Atc or business card size) so are too small to send in the post but are a pretty addition to handmade cards, scrapbooks etc.

They have all been carefully hand cut, except for the seals, which at last, I have found a use for my Big Shot machine. Although the tiny pieces in the centre of the seals I did have to hand cut with scissors.

All I have to do now is take a few more photo’s to be able to put them into my Etsy shop, which is my project for tomorrow.

My next little project, to make some tags to match this set, which will also feature in my shop.


2 thoughts on “Rescued Book Page Items for my Etsy

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the compliments. Perhaps, if you send me an address, I can send you some samples for you to try with your scrapbook pages. Although it looks as though you already have some beautiful stuff!!!
      Bye the way, I love your site,

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