Save a BOOK!


I have been hooked on these little birdhouses lately. I have so many paperback books that I have read, and no-one else wants.  (Kindle has alot to do with that! Technology puuuuuf) So I find I am creating lots of these, for presents etc. just to stop them from landing up in the bin! I can’t throw away a book, I don’t know why, but I can’t.

At least this way the pages are still there, you can still see some of the written word and it isn’t being shredded or going mouldy in the bottom of a bin somewhere. I love books, but if I kept every one that I read I would have to buy another house, and my house is using up every penny I have as it is!!!!!

So if I can recycle my books, instead of throwing them away like I didn’t care, I will try and think of alsorts of ways to rescue them. Even if it isn’t in their original form I feel as though I am giving them another life!!!!!! I hope you feel the same and will try my craft tutorials where nothing from a book is wasted.  Here is my paper folding birdhouse part 1 and the birdhouse part 2.


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