Folded Book Birdhouse 2


I have shelves that are quite narrow and won’t take a whole, round birdhouse, so I made some of these book folded birdhouses, that take less pages, less time and less room. But still look very pretty and are easy to make.

Things you will need:
A paperback book
Ribbons, lace, flowers, beads anything you want to decorate it with afterwards. (My favourite bit!)
Glue; You can use PVA or I just used a glue stick (I hate waiting for things to dry).
Sticky tape; Or if you have any, double sided tape. (I prefer double sided tape as you can stick things on top of it easily).
Cardboard; I used a cereal box, it needs to be as big as your book when the book is open.






How To:
Take the cover off the book.
For this birdhouse you will need 101 pages. So if your book page number on the first page is 1 you need to find page number 202.
Press the book down to break the spine. Tear off the rest of the book that you don’t need.

SAM_1769With the 101 pages, fold into a birdhouse following the instructions for my first birdhouse. The last page should end up being the same fold as the first page, the pointy one!!

SAM_1770When you have finished folding the book, take your glue, or as I did my glue stick, open up the first and last page and glue them back down.







You now have half a birdhouse.

SAM_1781Cover the backs of the first and last page with glue, or glue stick, and stick down onto your cardboard, keeping the bottom of the birdhouse level with the bottom of the cardboard. Pressing down and making sure that the pages are stuck down to the cardboard right up to the spine of the book.







With your scissors cut, as close as you can around the birdhouse, taking away the excess cardboard.

SAM_1780If you have enough cardboard use your birdhouse as a template, draw around it and cut another piece of cardboard, you can either leave it as it is or cover it with pretty paper and use as a backing to your birdhouse once you have decorated it.








To decorate: I found some small pieces of ribbon and gold edging and wrapped them around the birdhouse and stuck the ends to the back using double sided tape, or selotape. I also had some paper roses and silk flowers that I slipped into the little pockets that the folded edges of the pages made, and also poked some into the little empty circle at the top.

If you have a second piece of cardboard, glue it onto the back of the birdhouse to cover any unsightly ends of ribbons etc.







Now I can get a few more things on my shelves, but still have room for a lovely folded book birdhouse too!

My next tutorial will show how to make mini book folding birdhouses to hang on the wall.





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