Folded Book Birdhouse 1.

SAM_1693I wanted to add some props to my photo’s for my Etsy shop, something pretty, recycled and different. Eventually I found these pretty little birdhouses made from paperback books at Very easy to make, although I did make one change to the instructions to make it a little easier on my wrists!

SAM_1696Take one paperback book, I read quite a bit so there are lots of these around the house.

SAM_1697Remove the outer cover. Quite easy to just pull off as it is only glued on.

SAM_1698For one nice fat bird house you will need approx 200 hundred pages. So if you look at the page numbers on your book, if it begins at page 1 you need to find page number 400. Press the book down to break the spine.


Tear off the rest of the book that you don’t need. (Keep this other bit as I will be showing you another way of doing these bird houses, using less pages in my next tutorial).

My change to the instructions:


Most people fold their pages right to the spine (or inside) of the book, I don’t. My wrists are quite fragile and when you get near to the end of your folding you will find the book begins to get very awkward to fold and to hold onto the pages you have already done. So I just fold each page to the edge of the text. As you will see in the following photo’s. This also gives a nice little flat platform at the top of the finished birdhouse for any added decorations you wish to make.

First Page

SAM_1734Take the top corner and fold down in line with the text. Press flat.

SAM_1736Hold it down.

SAM_1738Fold the bottom corner up, in line with the text. This will overlap your last fold a bit to look like a little V shaped pocket on the outside edge of the page.


You have finished folding this page. Go to the next page of your book.

Second Page

SAM_1740SAM_1741Fold this page in half to the line of the text.

SAM_1742Press down along the fold.

SAM_1743Take the top corner and fold down to the edge of the page

SAM_1744You have finished with this page.

SAM_1745The next page is the same as the first:
The next page is the same as the second:


And so on until you come to the last page!

To finish your gorgeous little bird house, just glue the first and last page together. You can either use, PVA, glue stick or double sided tape. I didn’t find a glue gun worked very well.

Now you can decorate it with ribbons, lace, beads, paper flowers etc. Just glue them on. Or leave it as it is, as a pretty and unusual addition to a book shelf or cabinet.



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