2015 and my Internet experience??!!

After many months of trying to avoid Internet Marketing, and not really getting anywhere with little local craft fairs, I have given in and opened an Etsy Shop! I love the internet, and would be lost without it. It has been my time waster for craft research and admiring all the other crafters around the world for many years. I thought it was time I tried to join them.

banner 01

My banner for my Etsy Shop.

It took 2 days to get my shop ready and I still have alot of tweaking to do. What with policies, descriptions, pricing, profiles etc. The list seemed endless, but it was so easy, I am embarassed that I have avoided it for so long.

I have some Rag Bags on there now, and I will be adding my paper baskets soon. A lovely excuse to make some more!

Having done the shop I decided to revamp the website as well, making myself have time off from crafting was difficult but it had to be done! Now I feel a bit more organised, my Etsy for selling, my website for my craft workshops, and my Blog for tutorials and anything else I can think of. Today I will be writing out my timetable, so that I can keep on top of everything and get my blog writings regular. Then, here is wishing, I will get an ‘internet presence’, I am slowly learning some jargon!!!!

But it doesn’t stop there. I will be posting ideas and tutorials for recycled crafting projects here, and also a Tinas craft business category, listing the things I have discovered during this journey of trying to run a small craft business.  I have made, and am making, lots of mistakes, wasting alot of time and confusing myself along the way, perhaps some of my little words of wisdom, as I learn, might help someone not to go the same way!


Little Birdhouse with some of my book page roses used as props for my Etsy shop photo’s

My first tutorial will be these simple, lovely little birdhouses from old books for the photo’s I used in my Etsy shop.


2 thoughts on “2015 and my Internet experience??!!

    • Thankyou Krista for your comments it means the world. I have started to follow you too! The reason I started my business was that I had been bullied, under-valued, taken advantage of and ridiculed all of my working life. Now I am doing something I love, even though I am not yet earning any money!!!! Showing my age now, but, bring back the 70’s when they appreciated what actually goes into hand made crafts and were willing to pay for them. I have made 1 sale from Etsy which was amazing and really boosted my ego. Good luck with your venture and fingers crossed we both start to make some sort of living from it, that would be the icing on the cake!!!!


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