A couple of craft fairs…….

The first one was at a school.  Loads of stalls, it was huge, but as usual most of the stuff was bought i.e jewellery, christmas paper, ladies handbags etc and charity stalls.  Crafters who actually spent love, care and time making things didn’t stand a chance.  For the price of a £10 stall I came away being £8 out of pocket.  All the worry, making sure I had enough stock etc……….heartbreaking and soul destroying.  The fair was from 6pm – 9pm, you  could tell when Coronation Street and Eastenders were on T.V, it was dead.  Lots of us were very disappointed.

The next one was one I had done before, a proper farmers market, very well organised.  I will do another one there, definitely.  Even though really that was the same.  But it was 9am – 1pm which is alot better time wise.  And the people who came were more interested in what was on offer, I managed to sell nearly £60 worth of items and had a couple of orders for more.

I am still disappointed in local craft fairs, where have all the real crafters gone?  I make things from nothing, spend time on how they look, how they will survive and what people can afford.  Most crafters seem to now depend on what they can buy to stick on something and charge people the earth, without any thought, time or skill going into it at all. Perhaps I am being mean, but I know what goes into all of my items. That is alot of thought, time, skill and love of the finished article. Everything I make is one of a kind, I don’t  ever want to be mass produced for profit!!!!


What do I care, I’m still being fed!!!

So, AGAIN, thinking that local craft fairs are a complete and utter waste of my stress…………  Happy Chrismas!  And here is hoping next year will make my tax man happy.


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