Craft Fair Fabric Trees

I enjoy trying to make things that are different from everyone else for my craft stalls. So hopefully my stall stands out. Surfing the net the other day I found some pretty ’boutique trees’ and decided to try my hand at making some from the newspaper weaving. I have not mastered this craft yet, and didn’t really have the time to be able to do it, so maybe next year! I wanted something christmassy and sparkly for my stall so I created my own little pattern for these fabric trees.

SAM_1568It took a while to get the pattern right as I needed the curve at the top of the tree but also needed the shape at the bottom so that they were balanced enough to stand up with the tassel on top. I had some green and red recycled cotton sheets, so stitched the cone. Stuffed it with wadding and used cardboard from a cat food sachet box to sew onto the base.

SAM_1570Then went mad with ribbons, lace, seed beads, sequins and topped them off with tassels I made from seed beads.

SAM_1569These were so relaxing to do as the only bit using the sewing machine was the seam on the cone. Everything else is stitched on by hand. They came out about 8″ tall, so I will be enlarging the pattern and making some shabby chic ones next year, not christmas colours but some pretty ones that can be left on a shelf all year round.

My mum put a few of my things onto a stall that she had last week, I had crocheted some stuffed hearts and decortated them with sequins, a lady who bought a couple said that they would make lovely keepsakes for the family. That was such a compliment and I would love to think that alot of my hand made items will be around long after I have gone.



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