Fantastic ‘Yarvest’ Gorleston

I had a stall at the Yarvest farmers market and craft fair at Pertwee and Back in Gorleston yesterday.  It was a well organised and well attended venue.  And it really boosted my failing confidence, I sold a few of my Rag Bags and Paper Weave baskets and had some enquiries for my workshops.  So I have booked for their next one on the 7th December!!!!  Thankyou everyone who bought something and hope to see you at the next one.

Unfortunately I was so worried about things I forgot to take a camera with me so I don’t have any photo’s of my stall and the fair itself, but here are a couple more bags that I made for it.  The total made eventually was 18, but my mother kept selling them before the day arrived so I think the total at the stall ended up being 12!!!


Patchwork with lace insert


With crazy patchwork heart


Applique squares

I never make two the same, so they are all unique.  There a a few for sale on my website.  Now I have to make lots more as I have 2 craft fairs booked leading up to Christmas.

After packing all my goods ready for the fair I realised how lovely my studio is, for the first time in weeks it was tidy……………………. this is the room I am hoping to restart my workshops with loads of light, room and enthusiasm!




But for now I must get weaving, sewing and creating and see what tomorrow brings!


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