One Rag Bag Made

Thought I would show you one of my rag bags being made.  This one made me think of Mint Matchmakers!!!


pillow case and some sheets


All squares cut and ready for quilting and adding applique each square is made up of 3 layers of fabric


Applique flowers cut and ready to stitch on


pieces of wadding cut for each square, it takes a lot of cutting and preparation for these bags!


After pressing each square I cross quilt the plain squares and zig zag stitch the appliques


The squares are all then sewn together


to make the bag


I insert the handles before stitching twice around the top of the bag


Next I spend time snipping every seam to make it fluffy and once my label is stitched in my bag is finished!

You probably noticed that I didn’t use the brown sheet afterall, I do change my mind alot with these bags.  Well they do take me 5 hours to make, alot of time to think and re-think.  This one will go towards my hoard for the next craft fair.


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