Thursdays Gorleston Craft Fair

It was another beautiful day weather wise, thank goodness. This is one of the reasons I keep saying ‘no more’ to craft fairs. Most of them tend to be outdoors and I absolutely hate, hate, when you have set up all of your beautiful things on your stall, including business cards and maybe a flyer or two, only for the wind to come along and blow everything away, or for it to rain and you are rushing around trying to cover everything or pack everything up that musn’t get wet! I have had to do this many a time. English weather is NEVER predictable, whatever the forecasters on TV say. But, Thursday was definitely a sun tan lotion day.


Items ready for staining and decorating to add to the stall

It was a very small, quickly organised, not very well advertised, local craft fair. So small that there were only 5 stalls! We were outside, in a pub garden and semi-covered by a small marquee. We needed to be semi-covered as my partner had part of the table demonstrating how the paper woven items were stained and finished, and I could show how I made the small paper dollies. We didn’t want the marquee (that is rented out for parties and weddings) covered in wood stain. I make corn dollies from the newspaper sticks as well as the baskets and pots.


Not many people attended, due to poor advertising. But this was the first craft fair that the organisors had tried to organise, so it is all down to experience and learning lessons. They are hoping to have the fair once a month, so I will see how they approach the advertising etc. for their next one before I book again. Although it is for charity, so I will see, I did make a little money afterall. Which is what it is all about, for me, at the moment.


Even though not many attended I managed to get a bit of interest in my stall and I sold more there than I had at any other craft fair. And as far as I could tell I was the one that sold the most, which is a lovely feeling and gave me a much needed boost! Especially after the last one. At another, supposedly really organised, once a month craft fair, indoors, I sat there for 6 solid hours, getting alot of interest but no sales at all (also due to bad advertising). At this little fair  it was only open for 3 and a bit hours and I made my table money, and more!!!!

I also discovered, which always eludes me, how to price my stock. Unfortunately I have stock for sale on my website, at my original prices, and I can’t change them yet as Paypal are messing about with  all of their gubbins, so please keep an eye on my website as prices for my paper weaving items will be changing hopefully soon. Also, I found out that my Rag Bags were popular so I will be investing some time into making some more within the next few weeks.  I have loads of new ideas, which is one of my BIG downfalls regarding the business that I must address!

I think the little fair in Gorleston could take off in a big way if it was handled better. I am sure that the organisers will take this first one as a big lesson learnt and will make the future ones really good. They are hoping to have a craft fair once a month, so if they get more crafters to take part they can look for another venue. Hopefully an indoor one for the winter months and for crafters to have a Christmas Craft Fair. Good luck to them, and I will definitely advertise them here on my blog. Anything to help local,  fellow crafters!

In the meantime I now have more irons in the fire, regarding Tina’s Rag Bag. I ‘might’  write about it soon………………..  AND…………….I reached 1,000 views on my blog last Sunday, I am so chuffed. As far as I can tell I have 1 person in the USA frequently checking this blog. I would dearly love for them to get in touch. If  it is you could you contact me through my website ???? I promise I will reply.

But for now, to keep you in suspense, I must get on with my new Business Plan!


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