Not Happy!

Big disappointment about the Gt Yarmouth craft place I mentioned in my  post ‘Help For Crafters in Gt Yarmouth’.  I had booked a week starting 4th August, but visiting the place last week to have a look and see how they were doing I wasn’t impressed, and didn’t really want to show my work there.  So I have cancelled.  I have been assured that things will change, and that they should be organised in a couple of weeks, but I will wait and see.  I was so looking forward to having the opportunity of showing my baskets and bags and hopefully selling them, the ‘shop’ is in a beautiful location, lots of footfall and the building has a Dickension look (it was built around victorian times) with big round bay windows, I can see how it would look in the winter with lovely crafts, warm decoration and fairy lights.  But this doesn’t seem to be the vision that the people there at the moment have.  Such a lost opportunity to really help local crafters and inspire others.  Why can’t I find somewhere like this, I would be in there like a shot, since hearing about this place, and hopefully getting involved, I have had so many ideas and dreams.  Now I am going to be looking for somewhere of my own to make those dreams come true, I just need someone to believe in me and not just want hundreds of pounds rent!!!!!!!

Anyway, I have booked a table at a new local craft fair.  This time I will be selling my baskets and rag bags BUT I am adding a little twist.  My partner will be there also, painting paper woven dollies as part of an interactive stall.  I will write more about this tomorrow, with pictures, so keep watching.  I am not giving in that easy!!!!!


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