I actually sold some things the other day.

My grand daughter had a table top sale at her school to raise money for charity, so we had a stall together.  She sold some of her elastic band bracelets ( a new craze apparently) and I sorted out all of my original rag bags, that had just been stored with no likely chance of seeing the light of day again.


I sold them cheap as chips, and managed to get rid of a few.


It was a great feeling coming away with some money in my pocket.  And a little more space in my ‘studio’.

So for the next few weeks I will be concentrating on getting enough stock together for my stall at the new Gt Yarmouth craft market on the 4th August.  I have a table booked for a week so I will need quite a bit.

I know I said ‘never again’ to craft fairs, but I am expecting this one to be a bit different.  It is a permanent venue, I will have the stall for a whole week, including Saturday and Sunday, which will give me plenty of time to let people know that I will be there.  It is situated right on the edge of the town centre, opposite  St George’s Theatre Gt Yarmouth.  I will be selling my newspaper baskets, so it will give people a chance to see them and get to feel them too.

I managed to buy myself 10 pairs of ankle socks with some of the money I made this week!  Lets hope I can make a bit more next time, and maybe pay off some bills.


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