Paper weave ‘Kinchaku’

We had a good laugh last week.  My mother had organised for us to go to the local recycling committee meeting.  She had corresponded by email with the organisors to ask what time and day etc and if we would be welcome.

We got ready to catch the bus, carrying some of my newspaper woven baskets and lots of business cards and brochures for my recycling craft workshops.  She decided to just check which room in the townhall the meeting was to be held when she found out that it was Yarmouth USA and not Yarmouth UK!!!!!!!  So obviously that outing was cancelled.

She emailed the committee and told them why we hadn’t attended the meeting and they had a good laugh as well!  Never mind we have found some more like minded people who are well into recycling even if they are the other side of the world.

So…….. to go back to my favourite newspaper weaving, I had discovered the ‘Kinchaku’ on the net, they are little or big bags that are Japanese.  The original ones have a basket at the bottom with a drawstring fabric bag inside.  I had a go with my paper weaving.  And this is my interpretation.

SAM_1456The little drawstring bag is removable for washing.


I attached a fabric band, hand decorated with little pearls, at the bottom of the basket with a handle.  These are lovely to make and decorate,  I will probably end up with loads of them.   They are perfect as little purses or to keep jewellery or sewing things in. I already have some on my website for sale, please take a look.

Just a little add on.  I have to include my 3 most favourite things, my two little boys, who love to pose, and my 100 year old singer sewing machine, which still works beautifully.




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