What to call them? Win one of my baskets.

Well, I won’t say much about the ‘Craft Fair’ that I attended……..but the up side was quite a few people took my craft workshop brochures and business cards and I have had a few enquiries.  Fingers crossed they will become bookings.


Practice stall in my studio

As I couldn’t do much leading up to the craft fair, regarding marketing, advertising etc for myself, I now can without any conflict of interests.  I will be going all out with a change of strategy starting next week, and if all goes well it might give my little business the lift it needs and deserves.  I am not going to give up now……….

In the meantime I have added a page to my website called ‘items for sale’ .  As I am enjoying making the paper weaving so much, and they are so practical and pretty,  I am going to be selling them on my website.  If not I am going to be over run with them!

If there is anyone out there who would give me the opportunity of another outlet i.e craft shop on a hight street or equivalent I would love to hear from you.  I have samples that I can send you.  Please check out my items for sale and email me through my website.


So now to the title of this post: ‘What to call them?’.  I found at the craft fair that alot of people walked past because, as one lady said, they thought they were bought wicker baskets that had just been decorated.  A big compliment to the craft but not to all the work I had put in.  So can anyone think of a name I can use for these items?

‘Paper weaving’ seems to denote the weaving with strips of paper that we did at school.

‘Paper Wicker’ denotes the coiled brown paper product that you can buy to weave with.

I need something that will give the message that they are handmade from newspapers, and they are a recycled item.

The prize for the title I choose will be this basket with a lid that is decorated with pearl beads, beads, lace and yoyo flower, with a recycled fabric lining that can be removed for washing.



  • I will research the name you suggest and if it is not being used anywhere else it will be placed in the competition.
  • The competition will end on July 25th.  I will post on my blog July 30th the name I will be using for my items.
  • Email your entry to tinasragbag@hotmail.co.uk  with the heading ‘Competition’.  Or use the contact page on my website.
  • The winner will be contacted  July 26th.

Thats it

I look forward to any suggestions, when you do a craft you know what is involved but trying to explain to ‘non-crafters’ in just a few words, especially for advertising,  is impossible.



7 thoughts on “What to call them? Win one of my baskets.

  1. Hi! I think the only way around it would be to say it as it is! Completely Handmade with recycled rolled newspaper creations/baskets. Oooh! Or another language maybe. Translate the words you want to use eg- handmade basket recycle in French “main panier de recyclage” or Dutch “handgemaakte mand recycle” or German “handgefertigten Korb recycle”
    People will ask what it means and you can explain recycled newspaper rolled baskets. They’re lovely by the way. Lots
    Of Love! X


  2. Hey Tina…

    Orimono Kami means woven paper in Japanese… so why not call them OriKami,which would be folded paper! Simliar sounding to the well-known Origami, and also different enough for people to ask about! 😀

    I’ve asked my crafty friends on facebook for some ideas to!

    Kay xx


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