Craft Fair Expectations!

I will be trying to sell, (alright, as my partner says ‘selling’ ) my crafts at a local craft fair on Tuesday 3rd June (where has this year gone?).  It is being held at the Cliff Hotel in Gorleston, so to anyone who can attend I would love to see you. As I wrote in my last post I have been doing paper wicker recently using newspapers and decorating with recycled fabric.  Here are a couple more items that will be on my stall.


I am including a personalised pot with lid that can include a photo or text that people can order.  This is an example with our two cats when they were at the cute stage.  They are now 3 years old and it is just like having a couple of kiddies ruling the house!!!!!

The last week I have spent getting ready for the stall, making a business card holder and little signs to put on the table advertising my workshops and details of the paper weaving.  All the little things count apparently.


The two holes at the bottom of the large card will have a ribbon and bow so it will stand up on its own.

So now I have a couple of days to make sure everything is ready, but also to worry about: do I have enough for the stall, will people like what I have made, will people turn up and can I get enough people interested in recycled crafts to want to come to my workshops?

I will let you know.


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