Looking forward………………….

Well it is that time of year AGAIN when everything stops………….  Happy Christmas to everyone out there.

It has been such a busy time the last few months, teaching, making and deciding that I need more space.  My cosy garden shed is becoming too cosy with unfinished projects and loads more fabric etc.  So I have made up my mind to move into the garage.  All of my hard earned cash went to a smashing local builder who completed all of the work within a couple of weeks, including putting in a double glazed window for me to keep the draughts out.  Now all I have to do is work out how I am going to afford new flooring and all the furniture to fill this lovely big new space.


My lovely new window and loads of sockets

I have spent hours on the net researching cardboard furniture!  Very cheap, but it will take me ages to complete a small cupboard.  Never mind if needs must, and my needs are desperate!! Luckily a friend of a friend works on the market and has promised me all of his cardboard boxes, so I have a supply.  Everyone thinks I am crazy but if it is going to save money why not?  Cardboard furniture seems to be a big thing in France so it is possible, and some of the creations I found on the net were out of this world, but practical and the main thing, sturdy…..


The first load of cardboard for my furniture making debut!





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