New Brochure Finished

I have finally finished my new brochure, taking the photo’s seemed to take the longest time.  But I hope that now that people can see what they can make at my workshops they will be encouraged to book one.  I have included a section of computer crafts as well, I enjoy seeing people’s faces when they realise what they can do with their computers and a printer…………and not just on paper!!

My regular ladies are keeping me busy, they  re-book  each time they come, inviting friends and family along too which is great.  Next week one of my workshops has been booked as a birthday present, a nice idea, she will take away a project that she has made and will be able to do it again at home, perhaps as a gift for someone else.  So my workshops are getting advertised more by ‘word of mouth’.  The absolute ideal recommendation.  And a less worrying way of marketing!

leaflet jpeg

My New Brochure

When I look back on the last 2 weeks I just don’t know how I have got so much done.  In between workshops (I am on at least 3 a week now) and getting things ready for them,  I have completed and printed and sent out alot of the  new brochure, put all of the brochure onto my website and nearly finished creating my first sewing pattern.  This will be one of many that I will be selling at my workshops and on my website.


My First Sewing Pattern

I will be selling illustrated patterns and instructions for each of my workshops as well as other things that I am asked to make.  Each one will be based on creating the project with recycled materials, fabrics etc.  I have thoroughly enjoyed making this sewing pattern and I am already thinking about the next one.  But again, it is all of the photo’s that have to be taken for the instructions that seem to take the time, and taking the right ones.  I get carried away when I am making something and having to stop at every stage to take a photo is a hard thing to remember! (Perhaps I will go into movies………….)


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