Back to business

As I had decided that my main problem for not getting enough bookings for my workshops was my lack of marketing experience, I looked at my brochure and scrapped it!!!  This last week was spent, in between workshops, making things, taking pictures and re-doing it.  I am so lucky that I am able to do this myself and hadn’t paid for 100’s of brochures to be printed as they would have been in the bin now.  I realised that my previous brochure had a lot of writing but nothing for people to see, as in pictures of things that they could create if they came to my workshops.  So the new brochure is full of pictures.

The last pictures are going in today. Tomorrow I will be spending time printing a whole load out and moving it all onto my website

Hopefully I will be going to a local sewing group at the end of the week to show them my wares and hand out a few brochures and cards.  My first tentative steps into marketing.  Here are a few pictures I have included to advertise my workshops.


Recycled fabric patchwork cushions and a recycled fabric crochet rug


Recycled fabric Crazy patchwork hanging heart with embellishments


A little box made from a decoupaged milk bottle and crochet.


The inside is padded with cardboard and recycled fabric

I managed to finish a beer can hat that someone had asked me for a few months ago!!!!  He plays the saxaphone and calls it his ‘Sax Hat’.


Hat and Sax together!

Now back to the brochure and the website.


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