So I need help!

The phone has gone quiet, even though I have a little advert in the local paper every week in the village section.  I have three ladies that have become regulars at my workshops, but as we are going through the workshops in my leaflet they are now asking for their own preferences.  It is lovely to know that I am being appreciated and that they want to keep coming back, but I need to earn some money and soon!  Savings are slowly running out and I should have more workshops booked, the big problem is, and I have to admit it,  I am no good at marketing.

So that is my goal for the next week…………………………

In the meantime, one of my ladies bought a beautiful little cabinet that she wanted for her bathroom.  But with glass windows all the way round she decided she wanted curtains on each side.  So we made the curtains together and when she gets it back home she is going to sew little pink rose buds onto the curtains.  Very shabby chic and very pretty.  I was just glad it only had one pointed window, figuring out how to make the curtain was a real puzzle!!  But after pleating the fabric first, then cutting out the template it fitted quite nicely.


So that was one of my, completely off the cuff, workshops.

I don’t know if the sewing craze has completely missed Great Yarmouth or I am offering the wrong things in my leaflet.  Again marketing comes into it………..  so more research and talking to the mirror “I am brilliant, I am sooo good at what I do, I will make my first thousand this year, my workshops will be overbooked” and so on and so on.

What it must be like to have so much confidence!!


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