Sew Busy!!

I spent a couple of days taking posters round to shops to put up, spoke to the local newspaper hoping to get a press release in, gave out leaflets and potentially organised a page in the local community magazine for my workshops for next month.  With that one I will get the chance to see what they have written before it is printed.

The local newspaper report, I thought, was a disaster. But I was lucky to get a mention and they made the mistake of printing the same article twice on different pages!  Newspapers never seem to print what you want, but at least they got my phone number right and I had quite a few enquiries.

I now understand the usefullness of mobile phones.  Having never had to rely on one before it used to make me laugh how people panicked when they didn’t have their phone with them.  Now I know how they feel, I had to answer it quite a few times last week and now it is attached to me all the time!  Although I do turn it off when I get on a bus, I am not that attached yet!!!

So, anyway, back to business. With alot more insight, from the enquiries I had, I have over hauled the website and re-organised the workshop details, and sent out alot of booking forms.

The last couple of weeks have been a blur……. and now I feel I have cracked it.  If my new idea doesn’t work I will have to think of something else, I am not going to give in and go back to the Job Centre, no way.

But, today is Sunday, when everything slows down, and tomorrow it is just a matter of keeping my fingers crossed that I hear from someone who wants to book one of my workshops.

Today I am going to spend some time with my cats, try and warm up the tadpoles in the pond, and entertain my tortoises who have recently woken up from their winter sleep.  the sun is shining and at the moment everything is good……… roll on tomorrow.


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