Looking Forward…….

At last the holidays will soon be over and done with and places will be open and back to normal.  I have spent the last couple of weeks on the website so it will soon be ready to publish. Now I  must spend some time making new things to put on it.

Drink cans are being saved by our local pub for my creations, and a friendly electrician is donating all of his unwanted cable so that I can include copper wire too.  It is going to take me at least a week to cut all the cans and milk bottles up into usable pieces, strip all the covering on the wire and ball up the old video tapes that I have collected in the last few months.  I am hoping to go as green as I can with different ideas that I have for my bags.  I am also going to make these things available on my website so if you need milk bottle tops, drink cans, video tape, copper wire etc for your crafts take a look.

The date for my website to go live  is January 2013!

Milk bottles before

Milk Bottles in the process of being cut

Milk Bottles ready for cutting

Milk Bottles ready for storage

I cut everything up to a usable size and store until needed.  With the drinks cans I do the same, keeping the tabs and bottoms of the cans stored in separate boxes ready for use.

15 Drink Cans

15 Drink Cans

Even little Dillon decided to look through his toys for anything that was useful!

Will any of this do?

Will any of this do?

So roll on 2013, and here’s to making self employment come true!!


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