Whatever happened to the ‘Craft Fair’?

I decided to do one, just to  show the tax man I was making a little money, instead of all outgoings on lovely things like fabric and embellishments from my savings!!!  I took into account that nobody has alot of money these days so spent the last few weeks making small items like fabric brooches and doorhangers.  Put in a few of my bags, mainly for show, printed a whole load of my craft and sewing class brochures, in the hope that someone would take one.  And got quite excited about what would happen, did i have enough stock, was it good enough to sell, would people like what i had made.  It was all in the unknown…………………………

A few of my brooches for the fair

A few of my brooches for the fair

It was AWFUL!  Lots of people but no-one buying.  And to say it was a craft fair, well, I wouldn’t.  Nowadays apparently, a craft fair incorporates bought in jewellery, gifts and wrapping paper from the £1 shop, and the occasional knitting that someone has done over the year and can’t think of what else to do with it so sells it for pennies.  (I have probably upset alot of people, I love to knit too and I know how long it takes to make a jumper)! So I have spent 3 weeks and 5 hours worrying about it  with nothing to show for it.  Except………………

First lesson learnt, don’t do another one!

I did sell a few things to family and friends whilst practicing setting my stall up in the frontroom, so at least I did make my table money.

Small over the body rag bag

Small over the body rag bag

So, again I say, what happened to the Craft Fair?  I so wish for the time, like in the 70’s (ooops show my age!) when people went out of their way to buy something  handmade, appreciated the uniqueness and the time it had taken to make and expected to pay a sensible price to the person who had put love and care into their items.

Still, now that it is over I can spend time on the important things, like making my website pretty and inviting, doing the  handouts and time tables for my classes,  and writing lots and lots of letters to prospective venues ready for the new year! And then spend the rest of the time on what I love to do,  making things in my litte shed!


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