Here’s To Day One

So I have decided to blog! And a week on I still don’t know if I will get the hang of it. But here goes with my first try.

I have been crafting for the last 30 years. Dabbling in alsorts from knitting, crochet and cross stitch to computer scrapbooking, altered arts and now sewing. I have just finished cleaning up an old Singer Treadle sewing machine, which I am looking forward to trying out freehand embroidery on.

Always having lived on a shoe string I have found ways of being able to create my crafts by using and adapting things that I find around my home or scrounge from my family! i.e my son is an engineer and they have loads of steel left over from jobs, he made me a super dooper 14″ by 14″ flower type press for pressing altered books whilst they were drying. It also came in handy when he got married, I pressed thousands of flower petals, in one go, for confetti. And it didn’t cost me a penny.

This blog will help me to keep all of my tips and tutorials together and hopefully help others who can’t afford all of the expensive things needed for certain crafts.

My first tip is: Hit the charity shops, I can buy a double quilt cover for £3.50. And that is ALOT of fabric for alot of happy sewing.


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